Global City

Delivering sports events and festivals to the business sector

About Us

After a tough and challenging period in the business and sports world, there is more need than ever to bring people together. We have developed a fun-filled, light-hearted and memorable day packed with a unique sports concept, guest speakers, live entertainment and a range of food and beverages.

The events promote health and fitness through fun sport activities, provide networking opportunities, and bring colleagues and friends together in a day of sport, music and fun.

Why Global City Sports?

Business can be fast-paced. Our unique event is a way to get you and your colleagues out of the office and enjoy a fun-filled day of socialising and sport.

What is
Global City Sports?

A range of sports which cater to all abilities in a sociable and fun environment.

is it played?

In city centre locations, using inflatable, bespoke sports pitches.

is it played?

Whenever you want! But we suggest in the spring and summer, bringing businesses together to have fun and network.


Physical Participation

Promoting a healthy lifestyle through physical activity.
Benefitting businesses on both the mental and physical front.


Mixed gender sports, bringing colleagues together, with a balance of competitive and social games.

Community Activation

Providing opportunity for engagement outside of the workplace, healthy lifestyle and core values will be promoted as well as engagement opportunities.


Hosting Opportunities

Opportunities to host our corporate sport events attracting a unique event to the city.

Local Businesses

Local businesses will be able to breakthrough and market themselves, cementing their place in the corporate world.

Creating Partnerships

Bringing businesses together to provide networking opportunities and the chance to participate in a fun event while seeing a measurable return in investment.


Our Mission

A Fun-filled, light-hearted and memorable day which will include sport, live entertainment and food and beverages.

Healthy Competition

Healthy competition will be promoted through physical activities, enabling companies to emphasise the importance of exercise for employees.

The Festival

Regular social festivals with opportunities for the entire corporate community to get involved and come together.


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